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Local Government

For an unincorporated community, we sure get things done. Here's how it works.

Bigfork is an unincorporated community in the southeast corner of Flathead County.  As such, Bigfork relies on Flathead County for much of its local governance and services.  Many local matters such as Planning and Zoning, Elections and Law Enforcement are handled on a county level.   Flathead County government is steered by a board of three elected county commissioners who serve a six year term.  The commissioners play a critical role in managing county departments and services. 

In the absence a municipal government The Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork works with Flathead County to provide much Bigfork’s infrastructure needs including street cleaning, maintenance of the Swan River Nature Trail, and maintaining refuse containers and restrooms in Sliters Park and throughout downtown. 

It is important to note, a large portion of what is considered Bigfork falls within Lake County.  Contact information for Lake County offices can be found at the bottom of this page.

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