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Together We Can Move Mountains

How Can You Help

"As an unincorporated community, it takes people who love Bigfork to sustain and improve our community! We support the Community Foundation to ensure clean streets and to support and maintain vibrant parks and trails. Our support also helps ensure the voice of Bigfork is heard by the County Commission, state and federal representatives and other stakeholders! "
Andrea and Bill Goudge

Annual Partners

Bigfork is a truly special place, and the Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork is committed to preserving and enhancing the amenities, culture, and resources that make it so unique. As an annual partner, you can help us achieve our mission of sustaining and improving the Bigfork way of life. Your annual contribution will play a vital role in supporting our ongoing efforts and ensuring our continued success. You can choose the amount you contribute on an annual basis, and rest assured that your generosity will make a significant impact in our community.

“The CFBB is dedicated to the betterment of Bigfork. They promote projects and programs that have a positive impact for years to come. Their board of directors and donors are passionate about our community, and they continually work to protect all that is special about Bigfork while also shining a light on where work is needed."
Jill Parish
President, Glacier Bank of Bigfork

Legacy Giving

You can help us preserve this beloved community by considering a legacy gift to the Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork in your estate planning. Your gift will be earmarked to guarantee that Bigfork will continue to be strengthened, protected, and improved for future generations.

With a Legacy Gift from your estate, you can designate your contribution to one or more ongoing projects, or specify a particular area of interest. Your gift will be a lasting contribution to the future of Bigfork, providing ongoing support for the community you love. It is truly the best kind of gift – one that keeps on giving. Please email CFBB for more info or use our EIN #23-7067099 for your estate planning.

“It was really simple to designate the CFBB as a beneficiary to my IRA account by adding the address and EIN # so they will receive funds from my estate. The CFBB will be around for a long time and needs major bequests to sustain its future. I'm just following the example of many others that have done the same thing."
Andrea Goff
CFBB Board Member

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