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Community Organizations

Community Organizations

A Community Built by Volunteers

In the absence of a formal government structure, our community organizations step up as superheroes, driving positive change, togetherness, and collective action.

The Bigfork Area Chamber of Commerce, the Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork, and many other incredible organizations work hand in hand ensure Bigfork’s voice is heard. We represent the community’s interests and dreams, partnering with county and state authorities to achieve our goals.

Bigfork thrives thanks to its dedicated volunteers. The Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork and other nonprofits step in to fill gaps left by the absence of local government. They maintain our parks, many public facilities, streets, and sidewalks, working for the betterment of everyone in Bigfork. They mobilize resources and inspire volunteers to meet our community’s unique needs.

But it’s not all seriousness! A great community comes from great events. Bigfork Innovations Group, Rotary, and the Chamber organize many of the events for which Bigfork is known, cementing a sense of community.  

Most importantly, the numerous groups and organizations work together. With their collective efforts, Bigfork is an incredible place to visit or call home. As the Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork says, “Together, we can move mountains!” 

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