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The Bob Marshall

Montana At Its Wildest

Wilderness preservation pioneer, Bob Marshall gave us one of the most spectacular gifts imaginable when he protected 5.4 million acres of Montana wilderness for future generations to enjoy.

Today, a visit to the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex—which encompasses the Flathead National Forest, the Lewis and Clark National Forest, Lolo National Forest and the Helena National Forest—is like stepping back in time. The untouched wildland features tall mountain peaks, crystal clear alpine lakes, waterfalls, streams and rivers, and deep, primitive forests full of thriving wildlife.

To experience the Bob Marshall is to go back to a simpler time when western explorers traveled on foot or by horseback and ate only what they could carry or kill.

If you are planning a trip to the Bob Marshall, be sure to pack your camera, because you are sure to see something you’ve never seen before, including mountain wildlife such as elk, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, falcons, hawks and owls. Don’t forget to bring bear spray, as there are black bears and other dangerous animals such as wolverines and cougars.

You can explore the Bob Marshall Wilderness on your own, or book one of many guided trips including scenic horse-back pack trips, blue-ribbon trout fishing excursions or elk and deer hunting trips.

Visit the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation website.

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