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Together We Can Move Mountains


Swan River Nature Trail

We are dedicated to preserving the Swan River Nature Trail. We prioritize ongoing maintenance, including waste removal, signage updates, and trail upkeep. Working with partners like Pacific Corp and the Whitney Family, we ensure the trail remains accessible and enjoyable for all.

Take care of downtown

We take pride in caring for downtown Bigfork by managing a range of initiatives, from large-scale projects like sidewalk construction and stormwater drainage system upkeep to routine tasks such as street cleaning and the maintenance of public restrooms. By attending to these essential aspects of our community’s maintenance, we help to maintain a vibrant, inviting downtown environment for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Dog waste stations

We are committed to enhancing the cleanliness and beauty of Bigfork by installing, supplying, and maintaining dog waste stations throughout downtown and along the nature trail. We believe that everyone plays a role in preserving our environment, and by making it convenient for all to dispose of pet waste responsibly, we contribute to a cleaner and more enjoyable community for residents and visitors alike.

Public dock

The CFBB is dedicated to the upkeep and accessibility of the public dock in Bigfork Bay, collaborating closely with Flathead County. We strive to ensure safe passage for boat traffic and enable easy access between downtown and the bay. Our efforts focus on maintaining the dock’s integrity and working alongside the county to guarantee that the decking remains in excellent condition for all to enjoy

“The goal of BORA is to capture Bigfork’s community vision and values to develop an outdoor recreation plan that provides safe, connected and sustainable high-quality recreation for the future.& Flathead Land Trust is excited to be working with many local stakeholders and community leaders including CFBB to help plan for and bring exciting new outdoor conservation opportunities to the Bigfork area.”
Paul Travis
Executive Director Flathead Land Trust 

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