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Flathead Lake Cherry Blossoms

How sweet it is

Nothing says spring in the Flathead quite like a drive down the east shore of Flathead Lake to take in the cherry blossoms.  Mile after mile, trees covered in delicate pink and white blossoms cascade down sweeping hills towards the shores of Flathead Lake.  It is a sight that signals not only the changing of the seasons, but the much anticipated arrival of the Flathead Cherry. 

Depending on the weather’s whim, the cherry blossoms’ full bloom usually appears in mid-May and lasts about a week.  Cooler springs allow them to linger a bit longer, while warmer temperatures may shorten their spectacular showing to just a few days. 

Fast forward to mid-July and the Flathead Cherry harvest is in full swing.  From Bigfork to Polson, all along Highway 35, roadside stands throw open their windows, brimming with the freshly picked fruit.  Among the cherry trees, other fruit trees also strive, such as peaches, plums, pears, and apples.  But around here, the locals know cherries are king. 

Flathead Microclimate

Flathead Lake provides a perfect microclimate for cherry trees.  During the unpredictable spring months, when temperatures can swing from cold to hot, the lake’s lingering cold temperature helps stabilize the land temp around it.  This gradual warming effect prevents the drastic fluctuations that could prompt the cherry trees to bud early only to be devastated by a late season freeze.  As the cherry trees awaken from their winter slumber, their blooms spread across the land, creating one of the most picturesque drives you could ever imagine. 

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