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Parking & Pets

Parking near downtown

When visiting Bigfork, prepare to disconnect, relax, and enjoy a slower pace of life. One of the benefits of this peaceful way of life is the abundance of free and convenient parking throughout the town, allowing you to while away an afternoon without worrying about feeding a meter.

Downtown Bigfork provides both parallel and angled parking along Electric Avenue and Osborne Landing, and there is a public parking lot on Grand Drive. Constructed by the Bigfork Center for the Performing Arts in 2022, this lot offers free parking, but users are encouraged to contribute to the facility’s upkeep via the donation box.

Downtown Bigfork has narrow streets and a one-lane bridge, so large vehicles such as RVs and trailers are prohibited. Instead, park along Bridge Street or at Bigfork Schools during the summer months and take a leisurely stroll into town.

Bigfork is Pet Friendly

If you’re traveling with furry friends, rest assured that Bigfork is pet-friendly. Many accommodations accept pets, and several shops welcome them inside. Many businesses leave a refreshing bowl of cool water out so they can have a quick drink on a hot day. Dogs are allowed on most hiking trails around Bigfork, as long as they are kept on a leash, and their waste is disposed of properly. Keep an eye out for pet waste stations maintained by the Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork.  The can be found along the Swan River Nature Trail and throughout downtown.

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