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Together We Can Move Mountains


Welcome to the Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork, where we are dedicated to enhancing and improving our beloved community. We strive to make Bigfork the best it can be, from the main corridor to the charming Village Downtown, Woods Bay, Echo Lake, and Ferndale. With a commitment to excellence, we have invested over $2.4 million to maintain and support the town’s infrastructure, amenities, and culture.

Our past projects have included initiatives such as the installation of signage at the entrance to Bigfork, the implementation of solar-powered crosswalk lights in front of our school, and the placement of downtown pet waste stations and benches. We have also developed a Downtown Historical Walk, taken care of street maintenance, striping, and cleaning.

At CFBB, we believe that working together is the key to achieving great things. By collaborating with other organizations and members of the community, we can continue to enhance and improve Bigfork for generations to come. Join us in our mission to make Bigfork the best it can be. 

Swan River Nature Trail

The Swan River Nature Trail is a beloved recreational destination in the Flathead Valley, offering visitors the chance to bike, walk, and explore the beautiful Wild Mile along the Swan River. At CFBB, we are proud to have worked alongside Pacific Corp and the Whitney Family to ensure that this vital community resource remains accessible to the public.

To support the trail and ensure its ongoing maintenance, CFBB provides waste removal services, signage, and conflict resolution support for local users. We have also installed concrete picnic tables and pet stations along the Swan River, making the trail experience more enjoyable for all.

Our most recent project involved the construction of a new entry gate, complete with beautiful stone accents. With these efforts, we hope to continue preserving and enhancing the Bigfork Nature Trail for generations to come.

“The CFBB is incredibly important to the Bigfork Community. Its existence is one of the primary reasons Bigfork is considered one of the jewels of the Northwest part of the Country. As an unincorporated town, the CFBB has served in a role to help manage our community’s development, growth and infrastructure. Because of our work, Bigfork has physical and cultural amenities not found in other communities of our size. Our efforts range from the implementation of a state of the art storm water drainage system, management of our trails and parks all the way to sweeping and striping of our streets."
Paul Mutascio
Past President of Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork

downtown parking

The CFBB donated $50,000 to partner with the Center for the Performing Arts Foundation and contributors to create a new parking lot in downtown Bigfork. The parking lot supplies 75 parking spaces for the community and our visitors.

"We support the CFBB because it is the backbone of our village and community of wonderful people. The beauty and small town charm of the area draw people to visit, but we live here because of the people. And the Foundation represents the very best in community leaders that work so hard to ensure the needs of our village, and the greater Bigfork area, remain in harmony with our growing community."
Jim & Patti Lafferty
The Jewel Basin Center

Sliters Park

We supply maintenance for the park grounds, stage, playground equipment and most importantly the public restrooms.  This requires the foundation to work with Pacific Corp and the County to accomplish.              

"I support CFBB because CFBB supports Bigfork. So much goes into preserving AND improving our town, and none of it would happen without the CFBB."
Megan Shoultz
Treasure State Chiropractic

village square

The CFBB purchased and remodeled the building where the Bigfork Art Center and the Imagine IF Library are located.  It was their intention to supply a meeting place to promote the arts, culture and history.   We supply and maintain the public restrooms, maintenance of the building and grounds.

“Outside of volunteering, The CFBB is the single most effective way to prioritize investments in the greater Bigfork community.”
Claude Boiteau
Petroleum Engineer, Bigfork Resident

Bigfork Water Drainage System for Bigfork Bay

Protecting our Flathead Lake with drainage filtration systems.  The Community Foundation worked with the State and County through Federal Grants to accomplish this.

“I am a second generation CFBB member and my father and uncle were founding members in the 1960s. From then until now, the CFBB continues to provide for the betterment of Bigfork and will continue to do so for future generations!"
Donna Lawson Marshall
CFBB Board Member & Retired Bigfork Business Owner

Bridge Street One-Lane Bridge

Our bridge was slated for removal.  After a year of engagement, the Community Foundation successfully lobbied the Montana Department of Transportation to ensure the historical aesthetics of the legacy structure would be supported in a new, more effective bridge. It is important to the Community that we keep the iconic look.

“The Swan River Trail in Bigfork is the perfect mix of tranquility and adventure. It’s one the first things that comes to mind when someone asks about Bigfork. When I found out CFBB is the caretaker for the trail, I couldn’t wait to get involved.”
Brant Beaudry
Snyder, Beaudry, & Cook and CFBB Board Member

Imagine IF Library Pledge

The foundation continues to support expansion and new amenities for the quality of life in our community. We have pledged to donate $50,000 to the new library.  The new library will supply added floor space and parking to service our growing community.

"We are the Gatekeepers for this beautiful place. We see to it that the necessary repairs and improvements get done."
Bob Hoene
CFBB Board Member

Bigfork Public Dock Bigfork Bay

Maintain the public dock and work with the County to make sure the decking is safe and in good condition.

“Bigfork is the little village that has it all. The CFBB is committed to keeping it that way and making it even better!
Stephanie Siddens
CFBB Board Member

Sidewalks and hand railing

To address safety concerns the CFBB constructed a hand railing along the sidewalk on Commerce Avenue. In addition, we provided a new sidewalk and hand railing on Bridge Street.

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