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Together We Can Move Mountains


As an unincorporated village, Bigfork has a solid and long history of volunteerism and community engagement, with the Community Foundation for a Bigfork (CFBB) as one of its integral organizations.  When opportunities arise that affect Bigfork or are needed in Bigfork, the CFBB becomes involved where it can influence a positive outcome. 

In the 1960s the area around Electric Avenue was a mix of businesses and residences and was evolving into more of a business and tourist hub.  The Bigfork Summer Playhouse was started in 1960 and an art center was located across the street.   Some hardworking, community minded business owners and residents came together to form a new nonprofit, the Bigfork Development Company (BDC). (The name was changed from the BDC to the Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork in the 1990s).

The BDC (aka CFBB)  was focused on the look of Bigfork, the theater, arts center and adding additional benefits to the town to improve commerce, along with keeping it attractive and clean.   

The BDC was officially formed in 1968 as a member supported nonprofit corporation.    It was instrumental in financially supporting the old summer playhouse and the “new one” one that stands on Electric Avenue today.  In addition, land was donated by Pacific Corp, which was gifted to the county parks department, and negotiated with the BDC at the helm.  This became Sliter Park and the BDC raised the funds to build the bandshell where the Riverbend Concert series takes place every summer.   A one-story arts center was also built by the BDC on land it purchased to provide classes for the community in the 1960s, across from the theater. It was also a place for the summer playhouse to build sets for their productions.  The two-story remodeled Village Square building standing today, was completed in the 1980s by the BDC.  It currently houses the Bigfork Art and Cultural Center, public restrooms and the Bigfork branch of the county library.

Since its early beginnings, little has changed except for the name.  The list of accomplishments and projects that the foundation has funded, and completed has grown along with the population of the town.  See Projects

The purpose of the CFBB remains constant:  A better Bigfork.

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