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Community Collaboration

At the Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork, we strive to balance the growth of our town while preserving the unique character that makes Bigfork such a special place. We are committed to maintaining the town’s infrastructure and facilities, and we also provide grants to support local organizations and events that contribute to the quality of life in our community.

We believe that partnerships are essential to achieving our mission, and we work closely with a range of groups and organizations within the community. By collaborating and supporting one another, we can create a stronger, more vibrant community for all. We are proud to be a part of this dynamic and engaged network of partners, and we look forward to continuing to work together to make Bigfork an even better place to live, work, and play.

Bigfork Art & Culutural Center

The CFBB has been supporting the Bigfork Art and Cultural Center for many years. CFBB owns the building that is the current home for the BACC and ImagineIF Library. The CFBB has housed the BACC in the village square building since its inception and is proud to be an active BACC supporter.

“Downtown in the heart of Bigfork lies CFBB's historic Clocktower & Building. The Bigfork Arts and Culture Center is grateful to call this home to continue our mission to reveal the rich cultures of creativity that thrive in our Montana communities.  It is at this charming venue that we provide innovative and educational experiences in all areas of the arts for both children and adults and share Bigfork area history and diverse heritages.”
Julie Bottum
Director of Bigfork Art and Cultural Center

bigfork outdoor recreation allaince

The CFBB is excited to announce our partnership with Bigfork Outdoor Recreational Alliance (BORA). BORA’s goal is to enhance outdoor recreation in Bigfork by guiding safe, connected, and sustainable high-quality recreation access to Bigfork’s superlative rivers, mountains, parks, trails, and Flathead Lake. CFBB is partnering with BORA to figure out how to take care of whatwe have and consider what we need in the future to keep Bigfork a great place to live, work, and play.

“The goal of BORA is to capture Bigfork’s community vision and values to develop an outdoor recreation plan that provides safe, connected and sustainable high-quality recreation for the future.& Flathead Land Trust is excited to be working with many local stakeholders and community leaders including CFBB to help plan for and bring exciting new outdoor conservation opportunities to the Bigfork area.”
Paul Travis
Executive Director Flathead Land Trust 

ImagineIf library bigfork

The CFBB is happy to announce a pledge of $50K toward the proposed new Imagine If Library in Bigfork. The foundation has and continues to support expansion of and new amenities that maintain our quality of life in Bigfork.  The new library will provide additional needed floor space and parking to service our growing community now and in years to come.

Quote from ImagineIF
Paul Travis
Executive Director Flathead Land Trust 

Montana Community Foundation

Montana Community Foundation supports the CFBB by ensuring a reliable income through an established endowment. Generous donations over the years have contributed to this fund, and its annual proceeds directly benefit CFBB.  

Quote from MCF
Paul Travis
Executive Director Flathead Land Trust 

Bigfork community Foundation

The Bigfork Community Foundation, also known as the Box Foundation, is a reliable and generous supporter of Bigfork and CFBB. The foundation was endowed with a significant donation from Ed and Florine (Patrick) Box, esteemed residents who made Bigfork their retirement destination in 1983. Their legacy gift was designated specifically for the benefit of Bigfork. With the diligent efforts of the trustees and the resources provided by the Box donation, we have been able to contribute to the development of many projects in Bigfork including the creation of a new parking lot, the establishment of the Swan River Nature Trail, the enhancement of Sliter Park, and the establishment of the Bigfork Center for the Performing Arts.

Quote from Box Foundation
Paul Travis
Executive Director Flathead Land Trust 

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