About Bigfork Land Use Advisory Committee (BLUAC):

Flathead County Commissioners established the Bigfork Land Use Advisory Committee (BLUAC) in 1993 with the adoption of the Bigfork Neighborhood Zoning District.  The Committee consists of six elected members and one appointed Member at Large.  Elected members serve for three years, the appointed Member at large serves for one year.

BLUAC acts in an advisory capacity for official Flathead County land use decision-making boards and Flathead County Commissioners concerning applications and proposals for growth and development projects within the Bigfork Zoning District of Flathead County, Montana.  The Committee serves as a liaison between Bigfork citizens and the County in providing useful and beneficial information utilizing citizen input concerning issues of interest and concern to the community.  BLUAC provides leadership and expertise in supporting community efforts to secure orderly growth and development within the defined land use area.

BLUAC is looking for a recording secretary for their meetings.  If you are interested in volunteering, please email sgonzales@bigfork.org

Agendas & Minutes

To receive future BLUAC agendas and minutes electronically, email sgonzales@bigfork.org

To submit public comment for upcoming agenda items email planning.zoning@flathead.mt.gov

12-29-2022 BLUAC Draft Minutes js

BLUAC Agenda 12-29-22

12-1-2022 Draft BLUAC Minutes

12-01-22 BLUAC Agenda

10-27-22 BLUAC Draft Minutes

10-27-22 BLUAC Agenda

8-25-2022 Draft BLUAC Minutes

8-25-22 BLUAC Agenda

7-28-2022 Draft BLUAC Minutes

7-28-22 BLUAC Agenda

6-30-22 Draft BLUAC Minutes

6-30-22 BLUAC Agenda

5-26-2022 BLUAC Minutes

5-26-2022 BLUAC Agenda

4-28-2022 Draft BLUAC Minutes

4-28-22 BLUAC Agenda

3-31-22 BLUAC Draft Minutes

3-31-22 BLUAC Agenda

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