Bigfork Innovations Group (BIG)

Bigfork Innovations Group (BIG)

The Bigfork Innovations Group (BIG) is a loosely comprised conglomerate of individuals who were brought together by the shared belief that there is space in our community for additional innovation and growth. The sentiment of the group is to strive to work with current community organizations through the organized pursuit of community events to highlight local attributes, engage an untapped population subgroup, and to energize community based fundraising through a well planned series of Bigfork-centric events. The purpose of the fundraising events is to bring additional resources needed to our community, to raise awareness about what Bigfork can offer, and to help support other non-profits in the Bigfork community.

PO Box 1991
Bigfork, Montana 59911
United States

Jenny Rogers

Phone: (406) 880-1655