The Foundation supports its work through our annual fund-raising auction in September of every year, memberships and with donations from individuals, businesses and professional organizations.

Some of what we have accomplished with this support includes:

  • Building and maintaining the Bigfork Art & Cultural Center and the Flathead County Library Branch
  • Installation and maintenance of street lamps on Grand and Electric Avenues
  • Helped develop the Bigfork Center for the Performing Arts
  • Ongoing support of numerous community activities including the Bigfork Elf Force and it’s holiday decorating activities
  • Co-funded and donated emergency Heart Defibrillators located in downtown Bigfork
  • Installation and maintenance of sidewalks throughout downtown
  • Designed and errected directional signage to help visitors find their ways to and around Bigfork
  • Ongoing planning with the Bigfork Chamber of Commerce to develop better downtown parking
  • Support an array of community recreational activities by offering financial and maintenance support to:
    • Sliter’s Park
    • Harry Horn State Park
    • The Community Nordic Center
    • Bigfork’s Public Dock
    • Bigfork’s Community Tennis Courts and Neighborhood Parks

Far From the Common Place

The Foundation strongly supports our open spaces and the special quality of life they afford our community and its visitors.

To these ends we are:

  • Developing the “Bigfork Nature Trail” for residents & visitors alike. Our efforts include:
    • Trail development and maintenance
    • Trial Signs
    • Brush clearing to reduce fire hazards
    • Security gates
    • Sanitation facilities for the trail’s two and four legged users.
  • Participating in & providing financial support to the “Bigfork Land Use Advisory Committee” whose task is to update the Bigfork Land Use Master Plan section of our County’s Master Land Use Plan.
  • Formed the Swan River Corridor committee with other concerned citizens & organizations. Our collective goal is to purchase and protect the two miles of pristine Swan River shoreline and surrounding land leading to downtown Bigfork.

In 2003, the Swan River Corridor Committee secured a nine year first right of refusal contract with PacifiCorp who currently owns the land. When PacifiCorp decides to sell it’s land, the Foundation will have the first opportunity to purchase the property. We also negotiated a 50 year easement for the Bigfork Nature Trail.