What is the Bigfork Promotion Group (BPG)?

Bigfork is the jewel of the Flathead Valley. Nestled between the two rivers that feed Flathead Lake, it is one of the undiscovered wonders of the modern world. Our job is to change the undiscovered part. Getting tourists to experience what Bigfork has to offer is a three-stage attraction process. First they have to get to the Flathead Valley. We’re not quite a big enough wonder in ourselves to accomplish that. And once they’re here, the Bigfork businesses have to make the effort to get them to experience their particular offerings. But in between getting them to the Valley and getting them into a shop, that’s where we need the concerted effort of many of us to get them to Bigfork. And the Bigfork Promotion Group is the coordinating body that conducts the efforts of many to make that happen.

What does it cost to belong?

Making things happen takes effort and effort requires money. It is our goal that every person who takes time to visit Bigfork has one of the most astounding experiences imaginable. Whether they experience Broadway-class theater, view the work of local world-class artists, partake in a most memorable meal, or enjoy the golfing, boating, hiking, fishing, or hunting opportunities Bigfork has to offer, we want their visit to be life-changing.

Providing experiences at this level is not a trivial undertaking. It requires a critical mass of businesses and customers. The Bigfork Area Chamber of Commerce concentrates on attracting the businesses. We concentrate on attracting the customers.

Businesses participate in the BPG though either of two methods. Some businesses add a one-percent fee onto their charges and pay that to the BPG. Others consider it a cost of doing business and pay a fixed fee directly out of their operating funds. The method of participation is the choice of the business. But the money that’s collected goes toward the explicit goal of getting Valley tourists to enjoy the Bigfork Experience.