Join Bigfork in celebrating our nations independence every July Fourth at 12:00 noon in downtown Bigfork. This parade, year after year is proclaimed the best parade in the Flathead Valley. Horses, clowns, fire trucks and floats of all designs stream down Grand and Electric Avenues cheered on by huge crowds of spectators all along the way.

The theme of the 2019 4th of July Parade will be “American Heroes.”   Parade entries are encouraged to decorate with this theme in mind.

Judging categories will be Entertainment Value, Originality, Theme and Classic Car.

There is no parking in downtown Bigfork after 8 am; Grand Avenue and Electric Avenue will be closed to traffic at this time.

Parade Line Up Information:

  • There will be public parking and free shuttle buses available in the field at the intersection of Highway 35 and 82.
  • Parade participants take Hwy 35 south to Hwy 83.  Turn right onto Bigfork Stage Road and travel 3 miles, with a sharp right turn at the end, turn right onto Electric Avenue and then left on Stage Ridge Road to connect to Grand Avenue.
  • Parade lineup starts at 9 am and closes at 11 am.
  • All entries must be in line by 11am.
  • Advance registration is appreciated, you can register at the bottom of this page.
  • Entries will be numbered at the parade line up
  • Parade order is first come/first serve, after military, grand marshal and band.  There will be no saving spots in the line up.

Bigfork 4th of July Parade Rules:

  • Entries may not throw items into the crowd due to the risk of injury.  Any violation will result in disqualification. This includes confetti and other small items.  As nice as they are, they are very difficult to clean up.
  • Entries may pass items out or gently toss items at the feet of bystanders if there are people walking with the entry.
  • Please only one commercial vehicle per business.
  • Keep one car length between your entry and the entry in front of you at all times.
  • Judging will be done during the parade. You may pause briefly in front of the judges who will be stationed at The UPS Store.
  • Entries will be judged on  entertainment value, originality, theme and classic car.
  • Awards will be presented at Chamber Sundowner on Thursday July 11th, 5pm at Woods Bay Wine.


Contact Person: Rebekah King –

  • Rates for 2018 are: $15 Individual / $ 20 Chamber Member / $30 Non-chamber Member / $ 50 Political Campaigns or Candidate