Mechanical Engineer

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Work with the Research and Development team to plan, design, model, build, test and inspect Shield Arms products both existing and future.

Essential Functions
-Plan, conceptualize, and create mechanical designs for new products.
-Create working prototypes using additive manufacturing, and work with manufacturing for production support.
-Collaborate with multi-disciplinary engineering teams both internal and external, and work with vendors and contractors.
-Create and review technical drawings, plans, and specifications using CAD software.
-Support Shield Arms operations as needed with overflow tasks.
This is an overview of some of the essential functions for the Mechanical Engineer. There are daily tasks not included in this list.

Role Specifications
Learn new software programs
Self-motivated and organized
Ability to work with a team
Flexibility within a role

Compensation for this role is dependent upon experience.  Please contact:

Shield Arms

12291 Halversen Drive

Bigfork, MT 59911