Juice Manufacturing Assistant/Laborer

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Position:    Juice Manufacturing Assistant/Laborer

Position Description:

Candidate should have the ability to think outside the box and should be open to new ideas and suggestions. We train people to do all aspects of the work involved.  The work can be demanding physically, so the individual should be able to lift 36 pounds if required.   The job demands that you are on your feet most of the day as well.  Openness and respect is encouraged in all interactions with staff and management. We currently have staff members that have worked for us for over 4 years and we are looking for individuals excited to become part of our Tabletree family as it grows.  Currently, we are a seasonal operation.  We can have overtime hours and over 40 hours per week is paid at time and a half.

We hold meetings on a regular basis to get input from staff and are open to suggestions for change and improvement from staff.  We also have Pizza Fridays!  And we have a year-end dinner for staff.  We will work with your schedule if you are a single Mom or Dad as long as we have a full crew.

Company Description:

Tabletree is dedicated to using natural healthy ingredients, and to our marketing of a safe quality product which we can be proud of while building a good reputation with our consumers, the food industry, our employees and our suppliers.

Mission Statement

To share the benefits of Tabletree’s uniquely natural, healthy fresh-fruit products with the world.

Vision Statement

  • To build a global sustainable business that our consumers, the food industry, and our employees and suppliers can be proud to support.
  • To continuously innovate the Tabletree process to develop and produce high-quality juices on a commercial scale from many fruit types.

Tabletree is for health conscious consumers who value high quality food and beverages who are seeking healthier choices and want to know where their food is coming from.  Our Tabletree fruit, juices, and culinary sauces are “The Best in the World” and we have the trophies to prove it.  Our success is in our consumers tasting our products and realizing that our products provide not only health benefits, but superior taste in comparison to other juices and products on the market.  Our proprietary equipment and process prevents degradation of the juice by oxidation unlike traditional methods and is the reason that Tabletree continues to win World Juice awards and accolades.

Ideal Characteristics:


You are:


–        A self-starter

–        Excited about change

–        Thinks Outside the Box

–        Energetic

–        Gets Along Well With People

–        Likeable

–        Physically Fit

–        Is compassionate and flexible when needed.  Show that they understand everybody makes mistakes, that everybody has a bad day  sometimes yet can focus conversations when necessary to get people back on track.


None required, we will train.


$15 per hour and time and a half overtime

Anticipated Start Date:

August 1


Limited health benefits through Montana Migrant Workers Health Program


Equipment We Use:


–        Proprietary equipment

–        Filling Equipment

–        Sorting Belt

–        Tanks

Will train on all equipment.

Information Required:

Application Form


Tabletree Montana

Bigfork, MT  59911

(406)982-3042  – home

or email us at tabletreejuice.com@gmail.com