Classified Posted by: Housekeeper: FULL TIME, FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE!



Maintains and preserves a clean and safe environment at Rising Mountains Assisted Living by using proper cleaning techniques and safely using cleaning chemicals and equipment.



  • Understand and support the core values, mission, philosophy, and guiding principles of Rising Mountains
  • Provide consistent quality and valued service, while complying with Corporate and Department policies and procedures and State and Federal regulations.
  • Respect the privacy, confidentiality, and possessions of those Rising Mountains serves and all staff
  • Contribute to an atmosphere of positivity, teamwork, and mutual support, while leading by example
  • Look for the good in others and assume positive intentions.  Be caring, compassionate, and hospitable, while acting with integrity and honesty
  • Ensure that a safe living and working environment exists
  • Attend work regularly and follow established work schedule, while being flexible to the needs of the department, including during weekends and holidaysManage use of work time wisely.