Dietary Aid

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Dietary Aid:




  • Must be able to read, write, and understand English
  • Must have a demonstrated ability to effectively communicate verbally
  • Must have the working knowledge of the rules and regulations related to health and safety in the dining room.  Ability to regularly lift up to 30 lbs, to occasionally lift more than 40 lbs, and spend long periods of time standing.
  • Must work well with others, demonstrate dependability and tact.




  • Setting and bussing tables
  • Helping wash and put away clean dishes, glassware, silverware, trays, and plate covers
  • Stocking all condiments, juices, and snacks & fruit in the dining and activity area
  • Making sure salt & peppers are full, orange juice is made, canned juices, sodas, milk, almond milk, creamers, butters, and jams are stocked
  • General cleaning in the dining room including sanitizing, wiping down tables and chairs, counter, and cupboards
  • Bring attention to any items you notice need to be ordered in advance of them running out
  • Prepare coffee as needed
  • Stock baskets with assorted teas, spiced cider packets, and hot cocoa
  • Wash and fold cloth napkins
  • Change tablecloths when dirty
  • If possible, help with coordinating room tray service with personal cares staff
  • Be sure to change sanitizer solution every 4 hours or less if dirty and use fresh wipe and dry towels each meal service period
  • Take/review resident food orders and deliver those food orders to them as the chef/cook complete each order
  • Clear dirty dishes upon completion of meal
  • Alert chef/cook when residents are a few minutes away from being ready for cookies or desserts
  • Vacuum dining room after meal periods
  • Fill ice bins as needed
  • Empty trash cans in dining room and activity kitchen at the end of each shift (put with cook’s trash – they will take to outside bins).  Make sure trash receptacles are clean.
  • Roll silverware for room trays and return room tray dishes to kitchen
  • Work with kitchen staff to be sure that tickets have been prepared for guest and complimentary meals
  • May help with food prep and cooking
  • Please help maintain a positive friendly atmosphere in the dining room, especially handling complaints or mix-ups professionally and personable.


***There are no set days as of right now. The individual would need to discuss with the Executive Chef.***